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Easter, this grand celebration of the Greek Orthodox Church is coming up and Yanna Tours has prepared a very special proposal for those who wish to live a memorable Easter experience. Easter in Istanbul is a journey made of dreams in places filled with fragrances of cinnamon and clove, which, combined with the rich

Even though Zurich, the capital of Switzerland, is mostly known as the trade and finance center of the country, you will find it is actually “a city of a thousand faces” from the first moment of your arrival. Due to its wintry appeal, the abundance of winter sports and the snow covered landscape, we

Let’s take a look at the itinerary Yanna Tours has prepared for an unforgettable Green Monday in Prague! As the three-day holiday of Green Monday is coming up fast, we have prepared an exquisite excursion to the Czech Republic and its capital, Prague, for all of you who wish to spend an extraordinary long

Budapest the capital of Hungary it’s one of the most celebrated destinations worldwide. Many visitors choose to return to this enchanting capital, but many visit Budapest for the very first time and today we will share with you all you need to know!   Having been through many conquerors throughout the centuries, Budapest is today one

Warsaw, the capital of Poland is one of the most remarkable examples of European capitals, one that marries its medieval heritage to modern day era. Leaving behind the dark times of German and Soviet occupation when this once charming city was annihilated, Warsaw has been reborn from its ashes and calls upon you to visit

The time has come for us to talk about one of the up and coming touristic destinations of Europe. The time has come for a first acquaintance with the lovely Krakow, the oldest and largest city in Poland. The historic, mystifying Krakow is a city exceptionally friendly to all visitors, especially from April till

Prague, the “prettiest jewel on the stone crown of the world” according to Goethe is considered by many the counterweight of romantic Paris. It is one of the most proclaimed tourist destinations, with its influx of visitors at a constant high. It is a magnificent city with impressive attractions that survived World War II,

Welcome to Cappadocia, the “land of the pretty horses” according to ancient Persians, situated in the Nevşehir Province in Central Anatolia Region, in Turkey. Today we are taking a first walk and a first glance at the history, the sites and the activities one can find in Cappadocia, through the experience of the people

Strolls in the squares of Rome! It’s not just the sightseeing, the harmonious combination of ancient and modern or the tantalizing food, it’s mostly Rome’s allure what attracts visitors to this eternal city, making them return time and time again. And it’s the squares, mainly the squares that bring out Rome’s true character that,

Berlin, the capital of Germany is considered one of the most art-loving European cities, but also the heart of new European trends. After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, many new artists moved to this “new city”, transforming it into a huge cauldron of culture. Berlin never turned its back to history